Minimal Blogger Template

Minimal Blogger Template

Minimal Blogger Template - There are several features that are the main requirements for a template so that it is suitable to be used for adsense. Among them as explained below. 

To find out more detailed characteristics and minimal information about this blogger template, you can refer to the following reviews: 

Template width

This template has two columns with an overall width of 755 pixels, for an article area of 573.8 pixels and a sidebar size of 181.2 pixels. And of course full responsive. 

Template color

For the template color problem, it still maintains a simple type of template, which carries a white base color with black text colors and is combined with a less pink color on the top. 


While the font used for this template as a whole is the Roboto font type. With black base color and pink hover text. 


When viewed at a glance there is nothing special about this template, but don't go wrong first. In the sidebar there is space that you can use to display a special widget with a maximum size of 160x600px, for example adsense ads, which will still appear (sticky) even though the screen is rolled down. 

Popular Posts

Especially for popular posts widgets you cannot display images or text snippets. So you can only see the title of the article displayed. 

Responsive Dropdown Menu
On the menu you can see the dropdown menu display up to 2 sub-levels and full responsive when accessed from a mobile device. 


Now this is the most eagerly awaited. There are 4 special places that you can use to advertise in this template. The first is at the top of the content area for leader board ads with a width of 728px, in the sidebar that will appear sticky with a width of 160x600px, and the footer with a width of 728px and the last under individual posts. 

Comment column

For the comments column this template still uses the default features of blogger but with the latest style. So that your blog will not look outdated. 

Footer section

In the footer section you can add an ad / adsense banner with a width of 728px.

Complete Feature

The following are the minimum full features of blogger templates:

  •  Responsive - Check Here
  •  SEO Friendly - Check Here
  •  Google Testing Validator Tool - Check Here
  •  Mobile Friendly - Check Here
  •  Fast Loading - Check Here
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  •  Breadcrumbs
  •  Sticky Sidebar Widget
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